Monday, September 9, 2019

Is a mojoheadz records label fake?

The usual thing happened when I uploaded a track today on SoundCloud with it getting instant likes and some plays. Something new was a comment about wanting to sign my the track.

The comment was by someone calling themself A&R. The label they work for is called Mojoheadz records who seem to specialize in techno, house and trance music.

There are at least one profile they are doing this from:

Mojoheadz have FaceBook, YouTube and Instagram pages and look sorta legit:, , and Beatport:

If you answer, they say that they are ready to work with you. I did so, I decided to use this chance. For a novice artist, this is a great success!

This music company focused on search of talents and growing them. As a record label they strive to promote artists and their music. This is what real record labels do!

I'm very pleased with the release and the result of working with the label!

Oliver Heldens [SPINNIN'] & Clay Clemens [mojoheadz records review]
Oliver Heldens [SPINNIN'] & Clay Clemens [MOJOHEADZ]
Usually I buyed fake plays, likes, reposts and subscribers on SoundCloud and thought that this would help my musical career))))
Spawn [Mojo headz] & Billie Eilish
Spawn [Mojo headz] & Billie Eilish
Check official website for review.